Derek Johnson, Jr., better known as Derek Minor and formerly known as PRo, is an American Christian rapper and member of 116 Clique.


Born Derek Johnson, Jr., in Pontiac, Michigan, PRo relocated to Tennessee with his mother at a young age. This caused more tension between his already distanced father and his new stepfather. His stepdad's drug addiction strongly contradicted his mother's Christian beliefs. After seeing his mother's monetary struggles, PRo decided that he would use music to make his mother's life better.

His father, a jazz musician, produced beats on his ASR-10 for PRo's raps. He also learned of 2Pac and DJ Quick. Going back home, PRo took a stack of tapes and a new respect for music with him. After a visit to Middle Tennessee State University, PRo was convinced he wanted to enter the music program. His mother backed him up, buying him production equipment. By the time he entered college, he was performing with his bed as a stage and a member of a rap duo. At the age of 21, he signed onto a label and released a mixtape. However, freedom soon went to his head, and he became caught up in the joys of the world, until the season of death.

Within a short time, PRo lost both of his grandparents and his godmother. In mourning, he accepted God and formed Reflection Music Group with his friend Doc Watson. He released his debut album The Black Out. Because of its negative reception, he took a break from rapping. During this break, he got some influences from other Christian rappers. Since then, he has released the successful Redemption, the PSA tapes, and 2011's Dying to Live.


  • The Black Out (2008)
  • Redemption (2010)
  • Dying to Live (2011)