Tedashii Anderson, better known as just Tedashii or T-Dot, is an American Christian rapper and co-founder of Reach Records.


Tedashii was born in East Texas. His father left the family when he was young, with Tedashii not meeting him until adulthood. In high school, he began honing his rapping skills after being asked to freestyle, joined the band, studied black history and poetry, and played football.

Tedashii's turn-around came in college, when someone heard him swear on campus. The student shared the gospel with him, prompting Tedashii to go to a Christian event on campus, where he gave his life to Christ.

After co-founding Reach Records with former roommates Lecrae and Sho Baraka and being featured on Real Talk and The Compilation Album, Tedashii debuted with Kingdom People. In 2009, he released Identity Crisis, which chronicled his own pre-Christianty struggles along with the struggles all of man has endured since the fall. In 2011, he released his third album, Blacklight.


  • Kingdom People (2006)
  • Identity Crisis (2009)
  • Blacklight (2011)

Guest appearancesEdit

  • Represent (Lecrae)
  • The Line (Lecrae)
  • Aliens (Lecrae)
  • Unashamed (Lecrae)
  • Shinin' (FLAME)
  • Name Up (The Cross Movement)
  • North & South (Phanatik featuring Christawn)
  • Maranatha (Sho Baraka feat. Json)
  • Back Up (Cam feat. Sho Baraka)
  • Real Vision (Trip Lee)
  • Listening Choice (Json)
  • Walk Worthy (Dillon Chase)
  • Go Hard (Lecrae)
  • I.T.W.N.O.I. (Sho Baraka feat. R-Swift, Honey LaRochelle, and Benjah)
  • I'm Not (Decipha)
  • Bear With You (Trip Lee)
  • 40 Deep (Lecrae feat. Trip Lee)
  • Concert, Classroom, Corner (Legacy Conference)
  • I'm Good Remix (Dre, Sr. feat. Sauce Remix, A-one, Bumps INF, Tword, Katalyst, KamB.I.N.O.)
  • Amp It Up (Lecrae)
  • The Invasion (Hero) Remix (Trip Lee feat. Jai, Mac the Doulos, Stephen the Levite, Brenden McPeek, and J.R.)
  • Discipleship (Lamp Mode Recordings)
  • Bonus Track (Legacy Conference)
  • Going In (PRo feat. Lecrae)
  • Behold the Spirit (Trip Lee)
  • Ring Christmas Bells (Carol of the Bells) (Folk Angel)
  • Making Me Over (Json feat. Pastor AD3)


  • I'm a Believer (feat. Trip Lee and Soye)
  • Need It Daily (feat. PRo)
  • Riot
  • Can't Get With You
  • Bury Me (feat. Lecrae)
  • Brand New